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Becoming Your Own Donor in a Mass Casualty Radiation Event

  Safeguarding the most vulnerable – and critically necessary – parts of the body to sustain life, the stem-cell rich areas, requires a wearable shield to protect against gamma radiation exposure. When a person is exposed to high energy gamma radiation, the first organ to suffer damage is the body’s blood production system – the [...]

Can a Cyber Attack Turn into a Nuclear Attack?

A cyber-attack on a nuclear power plant in India, confirmed a month ago, seems to have opened the discussion on the potential of a cyber attack to cause mayhem in nuclear facilities (whether they be civilian or military). The malware infiltrated the nuclear power plant’s administrative system and apparently did not affect the control apparatus. [...]

Radiation Protection in a Nutshell

“Time, distance, shielding” is the touchstone of radiation protection, mentioned in countless federal agency documents. Put simply, it means that the less time you are exposed to radiation, and the greater the distance from the source of radiation, as well as the more radiation shielding you have – the better off you are. While civilians [...]

Preparing for a Radiation Event – Simpler Than You Think

With more than 13,000 nuclear bombs in active state (ready to be used), thousands more dismantled (often meaning they could be put back together in a matter of weeks), 50 bombs lost on the bottom of the oceans, and a host of countries (e.g., Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey) setting up their own nuclear reactors to [...]

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