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Lead Apron – What Is It Used For?

Healthcare personnel, especially doctors and technicians, as well as first responders and scientists working with radioactive chemicals, are always at the risk of suffering severe exposure. Efforts to minimize exposure while increasing efficiency for this group of people have led to the design of modern lead aprons which are much more effective than their older [...]

What Is Radiation Protection And What Is It Used For?

Radiation is an emitted energy that comes from a particular source and moves through space or different materials. Radiations are integral parts of our lives because they come from natural minerals that we are generally surrounded by, as they are always in the surroundings. This factor is usually classified based on the kind of effects [...]

Lead Apron – Work Efficiently With Maximum Protection

There has been a significant rise in the use of radiation in different fields, especially in medical interventions. Newer equipment may come with their own set of safety options and potential hazards but the gold standard when it comes to protection from radiation is the lead apron. StemRad has engineered the ultimate radiation safety lead [...]

X-Ray Protection – The technological solution for best protection

Medical intervention requires the use of various techniques and equipment, one of the most common among them being X-rays. Changes in diagnostic and surgical procedures have led to a sharp increase in the use of X-ray radiation compared to ten or twenty years ago. This increase has also necessitated the rethinking of and inventing newer [...]

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