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Bilayer Lead for Radiation Protection

Lead garments have not evolved much over the last decade. Heavy and cumbersome, most lead protection comes in the form of an apron draped over the user’s front. This single-layer of standard lead protection neglects the rest of the user’s body, leaving sensitive tissues vulnerable to radiation exposure. The Need for Radiation Protection The dosage [...]

Moving Beyond the Lead Apron

For nearly a century, lead aprons or vests have been standard medical radiation protection garb for both patients and physicians. Though they provide some defense, lead aprons do not always protect the most vulnerable areas exposed to dangerous radiation. The heavy and cumbersome design of lead aprons can also cause orthopedic issues for physicians and [...]

Medical Staff Radiation Exposure and Fluoroscopy Protection

To avoid threats from radiation exposure, radiologists and their teams must use adequate radiation shielding and fluoroscopy protection. Though X-rays pose a minimal threat to patients, long-term exposure to medical staff can cause cataracts, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer. Fluoroscopy Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique that uses X-rays to obtain real-time moving images of an [...]

Lead Apron – What Is It Used For?

Healthcare personnel, especially doctors and technicians, as well as first responders and scientists working with radioactive chemicals, are always at the risk of suffering severe exposure. Efforts to minimize exposure while increasing efficiency for this group of people have led to the design of modern lead aprons which are much more effective than their older [...]

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