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First responders are the first on the scene during a radiological incident and the first to face the risk of exposure to harmful radiation. StemRad has developed the 360 Gamma wearable shield to protect first responders from the potentially lethal effects of gamma radiation. The combination of mobility and protection from gamma radiation was not possible before StemRad brought the 360 Gamma to market.

With StemRad’s shield, first responders, like those who selflessly responded to the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown in 1986, will not have to sacrifice their lives to protect others. The Chernobyl first responders had to enter the damaged reactor to put out the raging fire, but this exposed them to high levels of gamma radiation, damaging their bone marrow. Within a few weeks, bone marrow failure led to their deaths; their bodies had lost the ability to produce new blood cells. Had these first responders been equipped with the StemRad 360 Gamma, which shields the critically important bone marrow in the pelvic region, it is very likely that most of them would still be with us today. With the 360 Gamma, when you encounter gamma radiation, you will be able to perform your life-saving tasks with the knowledge that you and your people have the absolute best protection available. To learn about the amazing science underlying the 360’s life-saving benefit, click here.

“I’ve been testing Stemrad’s 360 Gamma, and it’s a real game changer. It’s easy to wear, it’s comfortable to move around in, but most importantly it gives us first responders the ability to save lives in a nuclear event without having to pay with our own”

Brian Lowe Los Angeles Firefighter

StemRad 360 Gamma


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    100% Flame Resistant

    100% rust-proof
    100% durable

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    Effective against Cs-137

    Effective against
    lethal radioisotpes

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    PPE Compatibility

    Compatible with PPE used by
    disaster response professionals

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    Full Mobility

    Positioned on the body’s
    center of gravity

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    Designed for optimal
    support and maximal comfort

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