Reactor Personnel

Shielding Reactor Personnel from Gamma Radiation

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During both routine operational work and in times of an emergency, nuclear reactor personnel may face much higher levels of radiation exposure than those of the general population. On the operational side, nuclear workers performing their duties in highly radioactive areas (such as the steam generator or the nuclear reactor vessel), can be protected from the harmful effects of exposure to gamma radiation – the most penetrating and energetic type of radiation, for which there was no wearable solution prior to the development of the StemRad’s 360 Gamma. Similarly, in times of dire emergency, when nuclear workers and response personnel have been known to put their lives on the line, they now have the means to protect themselves from exposure to deadly gamma radiation.

Worn around the pelvic area and supported by an ergonomic harness, the 360 Gamma enables both mobility and protection so that nuclear workers are able to perform their work safely and efficiently. This targeted protection allows the body’s regenerative life-saving processes to take place by selectively shielding a critical mass of bone marrow. With the 360 Gamma, the wearer (in effect) becomes their own stem cell donor, countering the radiation damage to the body’s stem cells, instead of relying on stem cell transplantation from a healthy donor (one of the main treatments for radiation damage). Whether it’s a single wayward radiation spike during a maintenance activity or an intricate terrorist plot or catastrophic meltdown, the nuclear industry faces a variety of internal and external threats that could result in high dose exposure to gamma radiation. The StemRad 360 Gamma radiation shield will protect nuclear reactor personnel for the day that prevention fails and the unthinkable occurs.


“ StemRad has developed radiation protection for the day prevention fails. ”

Four Star Admiral James Ellis, former CEO of INPO



  • Rapidly Deployable

    From onsite or regional
    FLEX dome inventories

  • Tested Against Cs-137

    Effective against
    high-energy gammas

  • Highly Ergonomic

    Compatible with current PPE
    Complements HAZMAT suits

  • Full Mobility

    Positioned on the body’s
    center of gravity


    Increased ROI on high-dose
    critical path tasks