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In all likelihood, we will witness yet another radiological accident or attack in our lifetime. However, even in the worst of scenarios, the lives of many can be saved with effective radiation protection. Whether it be during your evacuation to safety or when you emerge from a shelter, the wearable StemRad 360 Gamma radiation shield protects you from the most penetrating type of radiation – gamma radiation.
Prior to the development of the StemRad 360 radiation shield, there has been no effective radiation suit (or any wearable protection for that matter) against this lethal and most penetrating type of radiation. The 360 Gamma civilian radiation shield protects the bone marrow in your pelvic area, the tissue that is most rich in stem cells, from exposure to gamma radiation.

This targeted protection allows the body’s regenerative life-saving processes to take place. Indeed, with the 360 Gamma shield, you become (in effect) your own stem cell donor, counteracting radiation damage with your own shielded stem cells instead of relying on stem cell transplantation from a healthy donor (one of the main treatments for radiation damage). Wearing the revolutionary 360 Gamma radiation shield, while sheltering in place or during an evacuation, will protect you and your family, providing you with the assurance that you have the best (and only) wearable protection from gamma radiation.


The impact of the 360 Gamma on survival is astounding as may be observed in the table below, derived from a study conducted by the U.S. Dept. of Energy:



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“The StemRad 360 Gamma harnesses the regenerative potential of stem cells in the pelvis to save lives”

Prof. Michael Levitt, Nobel Laureate



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