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Radiation is everywhere—it’s a natural part of our world.
However, exposure to high radiation levels, particularly in industrial settings or healthcare environments, carries many risks.

The importance of effective radiation shielding can’t be understated. Without it, we’re rolling the dice with our well-being and long-term health. That’s why radiation shielding solutions are so crucial.

Understanding Radiation and what It Does to Your Body

What is radiation

Radiation exposure presents an unseen but formidable risk that impacts not just individuals but entire communities.
To put it plainly, radiation can damage the DNA in your cells, leading to mutations that may cause cancer or other severe health conditions.

When we talk about high levels of radiation exposure, the immediate effects are stark—think about skin burns and acute radiation syndrome. Yet, long-term health consequences, like increased cancer risks, silently add to the public health burden.

This is why we at StemRad have innovated how we protect against radiation. Traditional methods often fall short, either too bulky or ineffective, particularly for high-risk occupations.

Our solutions break new ground by selectively shielding organs and bone marrow most sensitive to radiation.
In doing so, we tap into the body’s natural ability to regenerate through stem cells, offering a real line of defense. That’s what sets us apart from everyone else.

Even low radiation levels, while not immediately harmful, accumulate over time to increase your overall cancer risk. This isn’t just us talking; rigorous scientific studies back it.

Regulatory authorities like the EPA have set strict guidelines to protect everyone, especially vulnerable groups like children. What we offer at StemRad goes beyond these already stringent standards, ensuring individual safety and community well-being.

We’re not just in the business of selling products. We’re in the business of offering peace of mind and setting a new precedent in radiation safety.

Our technology is more than a personal safeguard; it’s a societal asset designed to mitigate the long-term health impact of radiation exposure.
We are taking a meaningful stride toward reducing radiations’ public health toll by elevating the standard for effective, practical radiation shielding.

StemRad’s Approach to Radiation Shielding


Enter StemRad, the game-changer in radiation shielding.
Our ethos centers around two principles: maximum protection and optimum comfort. It’s not just about layering materials; it’s about intelligent design and targeted shielding.

We know that radiation comes in various forms—ionizing and non-ionizing.
Ionizing radiation is a silent yet potent threat that pervades multiple sectors, from healthcare and nuclear energy to space exploration. The health risks associated with radiation exposure are severe and well-documented.

For instance, following the catastrophic Chernobyl disaster, the United Nations Scientific Committee highlighted that bone marrow failure was the primary cause of death in the immediate aftermath. Moreover, long-term, low-dose exposure is linked to elevated cancer risks in radiation-sensitive organs.

Traditional radiation shielding solutions have proven inadequate, offering limited protection and significantly impeding mobility.
This is where StemRad’s groundbreaking “Selective Radiation Protection” comes into play. Years of research and scientific study culminated in a game-changing solution in radiation shielding.

Instead of the impractical aim of whole-body shielding, StemRad strategically protects the bone marrow and other stem cell-rich organs, delivering practical and effective protection. This approach is innovative, transformative, and highly effective. StemRad’s solutions are endorsed by eminent authorities like Nobel Laureates, substantiating its efficacy.

Our solutions are tectonic improvements in radiation safety; they redefine what effective radiation protection must entail.
This is not a matter of precaution but an absolute necessity for those at risk of radiation exposure.

StemRad’s Radiation Protection Solutions & Applications

StemRad’s lineup is impressive.
We’ve got vests, garments, and specialized equipment that go the extra mile. Innovative materials? Think of high-density elements like lead fused with comfort materials for wearability. Plus, each product has been lab-tested for effectiveness.
Quality meets safety—every time.

stemrad md logo

StemRad MD Exoskeleton – StemRad’s answer to the traditional lead aprons

lead apron

The Doctor’s Choice for Mobility and Protection
Physicians – imagine being fully shielded from X-rays without feeling weighed down?
The StemRad MD exoskeleton offers just that. It takes the brunt of the lead weight, giving you total mobility.
With this technology, we’ve made radiation protection wearable and comfortable.

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stemrad 360 gamma logo
StemRad 360 Gamma for First Responders

radiation accident

The Game-Changer in Radiological Incidents
First responders, you’re the frontline heroes in radiological crises.
Our 360 Gamma shield is designed for you.
It gives critical protection to your bone marrow, allowing you to operate confidently in hazardous zones. In events like Chernobyl, this could’ve been a lifesaver.

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astrorad logo
AstroRad – Setting Astronauts on a Safer Orbit

radiation shielding in space

AstroRad, developed in collaboration with Lockheed Martin, is the astronaut’s guardian against deadly cosmic radiation.
Say goodbye to the risks of Radiation Exposure Induced Death (REID) and Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS).
With AstroRad, you’re secured against the unpredictable hazards of space.

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stemrad 360 gamma logo
StemRad 360 Gamma for Nuclear Industry

Surviving a Nuclear Disaster

Safety First in Nuclear Environments
If you’re in the nuclear sector, traditional shields just don’t cut it.
Our 360 Gamma provides meaningful gamma radiation protection without compromising mobility.
This isn’t just another lead apron; it’s your defense against unplanned radiation exposure.

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stemrad 360 gamma logo
StemRad 360 Gamma for Military

Radiation Protection Military Forces

Braving the Battlefield with Confidence                           
Soldiers, our 360 Gamma is your armor against harmful gamma radiation in extreme scenarios—be it nuclear detonation or radiological dispersal. Stay agile and focused; we’ve got your vital organs covered.

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stemrad 360 gamma logo
StemRad 360 Gamma for Civilians

civilian protaction

Personalized Gamma Protection for Everyone
Radiological incidents can happen anytime, anywhere.
Our 360 Gamma for civilians offers portable and wearable protection, targeting your body’s bone marrow.
In times of crisis, this shield turns you into your own stem cell donor.

With StemRad’s portfolio of products, you’re not just staying safe—you’re embracing a technology that empowers you to do your job with peace of mind.
Choose StemRad, choose a safer future.

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Advantages of StemRad Solutions

What sets StemRad in a league of its own?

First off, innovation isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s our mantra. We don’t simply meet industry standards; we define them.
Our trailblazing designs have garnered certifications, accolades and awards, lending credence to our commitment to excellence.
When you hear StemRad, think trust, quality, and pioneering spirit.

But it’s more than accolades and awards. Our technology fundamentally transforms the game.
We employ selective shielding that focuses on high-risk organs, and essentially – it’s the only way to protect while keeping you mobile.

The result? A synergistic blend of optimal protection and effortless mobility.

Rigorous lab testing is the cornerstone of our quality assurance, ensuring each piece of gear you put on goes beyond mere compliance to offer superior safety.
StemRad is so much more than a brand; it’s a seal of unparalleled safety and innovation – a bedrock of trust.

We welcome you to ask us any question, we’re here to help.

“I’ve been testing Stemrad’s 360 Gamma, and it’s a real game changer in radiation shielding. It’s easy to wear, it’s comfortable to move around in, but most importantly it gives us first responders the ability to save lives in a nuclear event without having to pay with our own”

Brian Lowe Los Angeles Firefighter

Radiation shielding by Stemrad

Stemrad's innovative radiation shield

  • fire

    100% Flame Resistant

    100% rust-proof
    100% durable

  • fire

    Effective against Cs-137

    Effective against
    lethal radioisotpes

  • fire

    PPE Compatibility

    Compatible with PPE used by
    disaster response professionals

  • fire

    Full Mobility

    Positioned on the body’s
    center of gravity

  • fire


    Designed for optimal
    support and maximal comfort

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