Questions and Answers

You protect from gamma radiation. But what about alpha and beta radiation?
Alpha and beta radiation are easily blocked by standard HAZMAT suits or even normal clothing. It is important however to wear a mask to prevent inhalation or ingestion of alpha or beta emitting particles.
How is the 360 Gamma different from past solutions?
Past solutions attempted to protect the whole body from radiation and therefore were very thin due to the heavy weight of gamma shielding materials. This made them ineffective in preventing ARS.
By employing the principle of partial shielding you may save a lot of weight but 15Kg still sounds heavy.
15 Kg may sound heavy, but the 360 gamma is placed on the body’s center of gravity so the experience is comparable to wearing a hikers backpack. Moreover, the 360 gamma is not meant to be worn for long periods of time due to the presence of high dose radiation.
The 360 Gamma can be lifesaving in the short-term, but what about cancer down the road?
The 360 Gamma will dramatically increase your chance of surviving as opposed to dying within a few weeks. The likelihood of cancer is increased among exposed individuals but only by about 10% in 20 years.
Why do I need this kind of protection? I do not intend to be exposed to such high doses of gamma radiation.
No one intends to be exposed to this kind of radiation but it is not always possible to predict dose rates. They fluctuate both temporally and spatially. Temporally, the dose rate at this moment may not be the dose rate in a few seconds. Spatially, the dose rate a few meters away can be hundreds of times higher, especially in a structural environment.