Military Personnel

StemRad's 360 Gamma shield allows military personnel to perform their task of protecting their country, while operating in the most dangerous scenarios of radiation exposure. When in the front lines, performing life-saving tasks, military combatants are at risk of exposure to gamma radiation. Gamma radiation can be released when an RDD (Radiological Dispersal Device) or an IND (Improvised Nuclear Device) is detonated in their proximity, which can lead to exposure to high-doses of radiation, and subsequent radiation sickness and death.

Wearing the revolutionary StemRad 360 Gamma before entering a zone that is suspected to contain gamma radiation, will protect you and your fellow soldiers, and will provide you with the confidence to perform your mission.

StemRad 360
fire resistant
PPE compatibility
Full mobility
Ergonomic design
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Military module 1
Military module 2
Military module 3
CE certification
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