Military Forces

Shielding the Warfighter from Gamma Radiation

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StemRad’s 360 Gamma radiation shield provides the necessary protection for military personnel to perform their mission-critical tasks of protecting their country while operating in the most dangerous CBRN environments.

Whether on the front lines of battle or while protecting the Homeland, military combatants may one day be exposed to lethal gamma radiation in a variety of scenarios. Gamma radiation can be released when an RDD (Radiological Dispersal Device) or an IND (Improvised Nuclear Device) is detonated. There can also be exposure to gamma radiation when handling nuclear ordinance and working with nuclear propulsion, or when faced with the detonation of an enemy’s radioactive material or facilities – all of which can lead to high dose exposure to gamma radiation and the onset of subsequent radiation sickness and death.

In order to safeguard military personnel, StemRad’s  360 Gamma shield protects the bone marrow and other vulnerable tissues around the pelvic region. Damage to the bone marrow is the primary factor leading to radiation sickness and the onset of Acute Radiation Syndrome [ARS]. This targeted protection selectively shields a critical mass of the body’s own bone marrow and allows the regenerative life-saving process of stem cell regeneration to take place. With the StemRad 360 Gamma, the irradiated victim becomes their own stem cell donor thereby counteracting the radiation damage to the body’s stem cells, instead of relying on challenging stem cell transplantation from a healthy donor (one of the main treatments for radiation damage). Wearing the revolutionary StemRad 360 Gamma before entering a hot zone will protect soldiers while providing them with the necessary maneuverability needed to perform their critical missions.



“ StemRad has developed radiation protection for the day prevention fails. ”

Four Star Admiral James Ellis, former commander of USSTRATCOM

StemRad 360 Gamma


  • Tested against Cs-137

    Effective against lethal radioisotpes

  • Ballistic Resistance

    Compatible with body armor and expands coverage area

  • 100% Flame Resistant

    100% rust-proof
    100% durable

  • PPE Compatibility

    Compatible with all existing CBRNe PPE

  • Full Mobility and Ergonomics

    Positioned on the body’s center of gravity