StemRad is a world leader in the provision of personal radiation protection solutions. Our technology is the first to offer life-saving protection from penetrating ionizing radiation and is making the lives of first responders, military personnel, utility personnel, medical teams and astronauts safer without compromising mission objectives. Groundbreaking science and careful attention to user needs allow StemRad to provide the wearer with the mobility and comfort required to perform critical tasks while remaining safe in the event of exposure to harmful radiation. Comprised of radiation biology experts, nuclear physicists, designers, and engineers and backed by dozens of prominent doctors and scientists including 3 Nobel Laureates, StemRad provides cutting edge technology to protect our heroes on Earth and beyond.

Stemrad Overview

StemRad’s revolutionary technology, which ties together selective shielding with the human body’s remarkable regenerative biological processes, is enabling shielding solutions which were not possible in the past. When exposed to high levels of ionizing radiation, the immediate concern to individuals is that of Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS), also referred to as radiation sickness. In such cases, damage to the body’s bone marrow leads to fatal aplastic anemia, the hallmark of which is a severe lack of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. The pelvic bones contain the body’s largest concentration of bone marrow, so protecting them from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation is crucial. The StemRad 360 Gamma is worn around the pelvic area, affording highly effective protection to the body’s “life factory.” In situations of exposure to lower doses of radiation over longer periods, the threat is an increased likelihood of cancer several years later. To prevent this, it is critical to protect the organs which are most susceptible to radiation-induced cancer. That is exactly what the AstroRad and StemRad MD products are engineered to do.

“Be it a first responder approaching a stricken nuclear reactor or an astronaut setting foot on Mars for the first time, StemRad has the best possible radiation protection.”

Prof. Roger D. Kornberg, Nobel Laureate


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