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Fluoroscopy Protection – How Does It Work?

Fluoroscopy is a form of radiation-based imaging technique that is used primarily in the medical field. In order to minimize exposure to radiation, fluoroscopy protection is highly important. There are a number of ways to protect personnel who use this technology to perform their tasks, thereby reducing exposure risks. We can get a clearer picture [...]

How to protect yourself from radiation – when it is happening and in the long run

Radiation technology is all around us. From medical imaging equipment to smoke detectors, we live in a world that is dependent on radiation in one form or another. While this is mostly risk-free when used with the right safety equipment, toxic radiation can happen in so many other ways. The most dangerous forms of radiation [...]

Becoming Your Own Donor in a Mass Casualty Radiation Event

  Safeguarding the most vulnerable – and critically necessary – parts of the body to sustain life, the stem-cell rich areas, requires a wearable shield to protect against gamma radiation exposure. When a person is exposed to high energy gamma radiation, the first organ to suffer damage is the body’s blood production system – the [...]

Can a Cyber Attack Turn into a Nuclear Attack?

A cyber-attack on a nuclear power plant in India, confirmed a month ago, seems to have opened the discussion on the potential of a cyber attack to cause mayhem in nuclear facilities (whether they be civilian or military). The malware infiltrated the nuclear power plant’s administrative system and apparently did not affect the control apparatus. [...]

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