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What Kim Jong Un Doesn’t Know

With StemRad’s radiation vests, Western militaries will be more prepared than ever to face a nuclear attack.

02.26.19 | Tuesday | Nofit Amir

Western militaries are in the process of equipping themselves with StemRad’s radiation vests for special operation forces that would respond to a nuclear incident. This comes on the heels of NASA’s procurement of StemRad’s radiation vests for astronauts venturing into deep space.

The knowledge might come in handy in the upcoming North Korea-United States Hanoi summit in Vietnam. Arguably, better preparedness in the face of a nuclear attack makes Trump’s nuclear button even larger.

StemRad’s radiation shield, also made available for civilians, keeps wearers alive by protecting vulnerable parts of the body, particularly stem cells in the bone marrow, which are the first to be adversely affected by penetrating radiation. When the body’s stem cells are destroyed, acute radiation syndrome (ARS) develops, claiming lives. One of the prevalent therapies to treat ARS is a stem cell transplant – yet this shield, by saving the wearer’s own stem cells safeguards a healthy supply without the need for external intervention.

That’s a good thing since in the event of an attack medical attention may be hard to come by. As the State of Hawaii’s website explains: “Many public services we count on may be unavailable, including police and fire departments and even hospitals. Those facilities and the people who work there will also be affected by a nuclear disaster.” The State of Hawaii added a nuclear attack alarm to its emergency warning system in 2017 due to the tensions with North Korea.

The StemRad 360 gamma radiation shield protects against both immediate and protracted radiation dangers: not only significantly preventing death from ARS but also reducing radiation-related cancer that can develop further on the road. NASA, military units and nuclear power plants around the world have tested and procured StemRad’s shields, confirming that they’re the only wearable products on the market that protect from highly penetrating gamma radiation.

Shielding as a Critical Component of Preparedness

Preparedness can save the lives of most people affected by a nuclear attack, as most will not be in the blast area, but farther away, where the main danger is radiation rather than heat. According to Columbia University’s Center for Disaster Preparedness: “A detonation of a nuclear weapon in an urban area would be instantly lethal for many people in the immediate vicinity of the explosion. But hundreds of thousands of people outside the most deadly circle of destruction could save their own lives….”

That means that it is necessary to take into consideration three factors: time, distance and shielding. The less time exposed, the farther away from the blast and the more shielding one has, the greater the chances for survival. The StemRad 360 gamma radiation shield easily fits into a duffel bag. Thus, it can conveniently be part of any emergency kit. Preparedness also means choosing a shelter (also a form of shielding) in advance. Below is a diagram supplied by the Department of Health and Human Services, which can help in making that decision:

If tensions are high, you can take the emergency kit including the StemRad shield with you wherever you go – in your vehicle, office, or home. Take the shield out of the kit and wear it while heading to the predetermined shelter. If tensions are low, keep it in your vehicle or in a closet that you can reach quickly if needed.

It can be days or weeks before help arrives, and until then, as the State of Hawaii explains on its website, “ you may be on your own “. Thus, during the interval in which no help is available, it’s important to have StemRad’s portable shield with you. Even if you have a lead-lined bunker, you still have to make it inside the shelter and you might eventually need to exit the shelter to restock on supplies or even evacuate, while radiation levels are high. According to the Hawaii website:  “During this time it’s crucial to do what you can to save your own life and the lives of others around you. Limit exposure to radioactive fallout conserve essential resources such as water, food, and medical supplies.

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