StemRad Radiation Protection Devices

StemRad Radiation Protection Devices

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As someone working in the nuclear industry, medical industry, space exploration industry, or even as a first responder, radiation protection devices are vital. Ideally, these devices should shield against the harmful effects of ionizing radiation. That type of radiation can destroy cells at an atomic level. At high levels, this form of radiation can lead to cancer and even death. Sadly, many existing radiation protection devices on the market fail in this regard. 

Fortunately, StemRad’s research laboratory, after years of intensive testing and analysis, has unveiled a range of highly effective radiation protection devices.

radiation shielding

Source: NRC

There are several ways to guard against the devastating effects of ionizing radiation. These include time, distance, and radiation shielding vis-à-vis protection. These rules are emphasized by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). As you increase the time spent in a radiation hotspot, you increase your radiation exposure. The closer you are to the radiation source, the greater the danger to your person.

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StemRad’s groundbreaking radiation protection devices offer dramatically enhanced protection while mitigating the effects of the other two important criteria.
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Types of Radiation Protection Devices

StemRad MD (next-gen lead apron) – Exoskeletal System for Radiation Protection

Next Gen lead apron

StemRad MD offers complete head protection with full mobility and enhanced ergonomics. This means that the radiation protection device does not interfere with your ability to perform all your tasks, duties, or responsibilities in a medical setting. Medical professionals can wear their prescription glasses without impeding the efficacy of the visor and protective lead apron. This radiation protection device is fully supported by a robust exoskeleton – which means it’s weightless for the medical practitioner.

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First Responder / Nuclear Industry / Military Radiation Protection Device:
StemRad 360 Gamma

StemRad's radiation shield

StemRad 360 Gamma is designed for first responders, the nuclear industry, and military personnel protection who charge toward danger while everyone is running away. This sophisticated radiation protection device has multiple usage capabilities. It’s designed for nuclear reactor incidents, dirty bombs (radiological dispersal devices), and nuclear conflicts (weapons detonation). As a first responder, you’re in the line of fire, and your ability to protect yourself – and others – is sacrosanct. 

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StemRad 360 Civilian Version Radiation Protection Device

Civillian Radiation Protection

There exists a rapidly growing market for radiation protection devices for civilians. StemRad is proud to meet this need with StemRad 360 Civilian. This breakthrough radiation suit is a protective shield against harmful radiation, whether at home, at the office, or on the road. As with other applications and uses, the StemRad 360 Civilian focuses its protection capabilities on the most vulnerable area of the body – bone marrow in the pelvic region.

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AstroRad Radiation Protection Device

radiation shielding in space

AstroRad is an innovative space radiation vest solution for astronauts beyond low Earth orbit (LEO).
Dramatic reductions in Radiation Exposure Induced Death (REID) are noted with this radiation protection device. Developed in partnership with Lockheed Martin, AstroRad has life-saving features and maximum radiation protection. 

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“I’ve been testing Stemrad’s 360 Gamma, and it’s a real game changer in radiation shielding. It’s easy to wear, it’s comfortable to move around in, but most importantly it gives us first responders the ability to save lives in a nuclear event without having to pay with our own”

Brian Lowe Los Angeles Firefighter

Radiation shielding by Stemrad

Stemrad's innovative radiation shield

  • fire

    100% Flame Resistant

    100% rust-proof
    100% durable

  • fire

    Effective against Cs-137

    Effective against
    lethal radioisotpes

  • fire

    PPE Compatibility

    Compatible with PPE used by
    disaster response professionals

  • fire

    Full Mobility

    Positioned on the body’s
    center of gravity

  • fire


    Designed for optimal
    support and maximal comfort

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