Life-Saving Protection against Deadly Radiation

Life-Saving Protection against Deadly Radiation

The Threat

The use of radioactive material for energy generation in nuclear reactors has become internationally prevalent over the past several decades. This trend is projected to intensify over the next few years due to rising energy prices and global warming. In parallel, hostile regimes and entities are making great efforts to attain nuclear arms or radioactive ‘dirty’ bombs. Thus, western societies are being subjected to an ever growing threat of nuclear catastrophe.

Our Solution

In the event of exposure to large doses of radiation, the immediate life-endangering threat is Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS), also known as radiation sickness. ARS arises due to the destruction of the individual’s bone marrow, which results in anemia, infections and internal bleeding. StemRad’s solution is to circumvent lethal ARS by offering innovative measures to protect the haematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) present in the bone marrow.

First Responder

Shielding our firefighters from deadly
gamma radiation, so that they can complete
their critical life-saving tasks.

Military Personnel

Enabling our soldiers to safely
engage in combat, while in the presence
of deadly gamma radiation.

Police Force

Protecting law enforcement from the
deadly effects of gamma radiation while operating
in the presence of INDs and RDDs.

Nuclear Industry

Protecting nuclear power plant
first-responders and workers in the event
of a nuclear reactor catastrophe.

Battlefield Ready. Highly complex design based on knowledge of radiation’s effects and body composition

Optimal hip and shoulder distribution for support, comfort and mobility

Effective even against the most lethal radioisotopes such as Cs-137

8 different sizes to accommodate a heterogeneous population without compromising protection

Compatible with firefighting
and other PPE worn by disaster
response professionals

Full Mobility. Positioned on the body’s center of gravity, the 360 Gamma offers protection while maintaining full mobility

Ergonomically designed for optimal support and maximal comfort

Fire-resistant, rust-proof buckles throughout. 100% Fire-resistant. 100% durable.

Specialized features such as reflector strips