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Nightmare Radiation Scenarios – By US Department of Homeland Security

12.31.18 | Monday | Nofit Amir

A 10-kiloton nuclear bomb detonated in a metropolitan area is one of the Department of Homeland Security’s National Planning Scenarios. Along with a “dirty bomb” (i.e. radiological dispersal device – RDD), a nuclear detonation in a metropolitan area is considered one of the primary threats that the country may encounter.

With proper radiation protection, however, many fatalities can be avoided even in the event of such an explosion. Just over half a mile from the point of detonation – where current simulations predict a 50-90% fatality rate due to radiation exposure – radiation-related fatalities can be dramatically reduced by donning the StemRad 360 radiation shield.

Estimated Radiation Threat after Detonation of a 10-kiloton Nuclear Device

Below is a simulation of the estimated effect of a 10-kiloton nuclear blast if it were to occur on the ground in New York City. Starting from the bright green area – which is just outside the blast area delineated in red – radiation is the primary threat, causing most of the casualties. Starting from this area, the StemRad radiation protection shield can dramatically change the prognosis. Surrounding circles predict the spread of the radiation plume (which can change according to wind speed and other conditions). Within these critically affected areas, the StemRad radiation shield is an essential, life-saving piece of emergency equipment.

Radiation Scenarios
A Simulated surface blast of a 10-kiloton nuclear device in NYC

The first three circles (orange, red and gray-blue) indicate the fireball and blast areas, in which no survivors are likely. Areas in the green circle and outward (just over half a mile from the detonation point) are areas in which the main danger is radiation. These plume diagrams were created using NukeMap.

StemRad protects stem cells and critical bone marrow

How does the StemRad radiation protection shield save lives? It neutralizes the no.1 cause of death due to penetrating radiation: the massive destruction of stem cells in the bone marrow.* As the Centers for Disease Prevention (CDC) states:

“Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS) (sometimes known as radiation toxicity or radiation sickness) is an acute illness caused by irradiation of the entire body (or most of the body) by a high dose of penetrating radiation in a very short period of time (usually a matter of minutes). The major cause of this syndrome is depletion of immature parenchymal stem cells in specific tissues.

The primary treatment in hospitals for severe cases of ARS is a stem cell transplant (which ultimately regenerates the bone marrow). Yet by wearing the StemRad 360 radiation shield, stem cells and critical bone marrow are protected, allowing for the body’s own recovery.

*Less penetrating types of radiation (alpha and beta types) are also present in a nuclear explosion and can be protected against using respiration masks and skin covering (e.g., thick clothing).

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