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IAC 2016

AstroRad is presented at the IAC 2016 in Guadalajara /
September 2016
The Astrorad is presented at the International Astronautical Conference (IAC). This is a collaborative project with Lockheed Martin and the revolutionary radiation protection design was first shown to the public at the IAC 2016.

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AstroRad R&D funding

AstroRad R&D funding renewed /
June 2016
"Following the successful 2015-2016 AstroRad research project, Lockheed Martin (LM) Space Systems (Kennedy Space Center, FL) has combined with StemRad Israel in this Phase Two event. Selected by NASA to design and build the next generation, exploration classed manned spacecraft, the “Orion” Radiation team have demonstrated their advancements in the field of Space Radiation protection on Orion deep-space missions. This groundbreaking research has highlighted the importance of bone marrow protection as well as the development of personal protection equipment for astronaut radiation exposure”

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Lockheed martin

Lockheed Martin and StemRad Studying First-Responder Radiation Shield for Potential Deep-Space Application / July 2015
"StemRad, Ltd. and Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) have initiated a joint research and development effort to determine if StemRad’s radiation shielding technology – originally designed for first-responders – could help to keep astronauts safe on deep-space exploration missions. This collaboration is part of Lockheed Martin’s ongoing effort to establish international partnerships for human exploration of deep-space.”

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Space Florida

StemRad partners with Lockheed Martin Space Systems to develop radiation protection for NASA’s Orion manned mission to Mars / July 2015
"This partnership will develop a product to protect astronauts from harmful space-borne radiation that will be a key enabler for the continuing missions of the Lockheed Martin’s Orion spacecraft…Space Florida, the Sunshine State’s aerospace and spaceport development authority, and the Israeli Office of the Chief Scientist through MATIMOP, Israel’s Industrial Center for Research and Development, today announced second-round winners of industrial research and development funding tied to the Space Florida-Israel Innovation Partnership Program”

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OECD recommends bone marrow partial body shielding in severe accident management / January 2015
"While whole body shielding is inherently heavy, partial body shielding is lighter in weight and selectively shields tissues of increased radiosensitivity (i.e. bone marrow) with substantial amounts of shielding material to protect hematopoietic functions; therefore, potentially preventing the acute health effects of exposure to gamma radiation (i.e. Acute Radiation Syndrome -ARS)."
Occupational Radiation Protection in Severe Accident Management, Page 40, section 4.2.1

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Israel-Japan award

StemRad wins the Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce Award / January 2014
Praised by the Japanese Ambassador for answering the challenge of the earthquake and tsunami.

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StemRad at Harvard / November 2013
Co-founder Dr. Oren Milstein gives a keynote lecture on the StemRad 360 Gamma in front of 450 people at Harvard’s Smart Clothing Symposium. Video of Lecture:

Nobel Prize

StemRad SAB member wins Nobel Prize / October 2013

StemRad Scientific Advisory Board member Prof. Michael Levitt wins the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems