StemRad MD™

Shielding Medical Teams from Radiation

StemRad is a leader in the radiation protection field, specializing in harmful ionizing radiation. We create radiation protection equipment for medical teams, nuclear reactor workers, first responders, the military and NASA astronauts (in collaboration with Lockheed Martin).

StemRad MD™ is based on new technology that transfers weight away from the wearer of radiation protective gear, allowing for complete freedom of movement. Since the user feels no weight, the shielding system provides increased radiation protection through an expanded coverage area and increased attenuation factor.


"Interventionalists have for so long suffered from Orthopedic injuries related to wearing radiation protection aprons and being subjected to high radiation doses to parts of their bodies that are not well protected. At last, we finally have a solution that will address both of these issues and provide the comfort and protection that is necessary."

Dr. Bruce Zwiebel, MD, FACR, FSIR

StemRad MD™


  • Musculoskeletal Disorders Prevention

  • Ergonomic yet Provides Enhanced Protection

  • No More Compromising Protection for Comfort

  • Only Solution Offering Full Freedom & Full Protection

  • Unprecedented Head Protection with no Neck Fatigue

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