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Increasing Your Survivability Quotient during a Nuclear Disaster

What you need to shield yourself from radiation during a nuclear disaster fits into a duffle bag.

07.30.19 | Tuesday | Nofit Amir

StemRad 360 Gamma Civilian Version

Radiation from a nuclear disaster comes in two forms: fallout (radioactive particles) and penetrating waves. To protect yourself from particles of radiation dispersed in the air you’ll need respiration masks, iodine pills, gloves, goggles, and clothing that will cover the whole of your body. To protect yourself from penetrating waves of radiation, you’ll need a radiation shield, which fits on the hip region of the body (hazmat suits only protect from particles).

The hip region contains the most vulnerable tissue of your body and selectively shielding it has created a breakthrough in human beings’ survivability quotient after exposure to radiation in a nuclear or radiological event.  StemRad’s radiation protection shield prevents the onset of radiation sickness and mitigates the risks of certain cancers further down the road.

Ideally, a person would “sit out” a nuclear attack in a specially made bunker. The best option is not to expose yourself at all. But in reality, even those who have such a bunker need a way to get in and out of it safely.  Having the essentials will enable people in an affected area to stay mobile as they search for a sheltering option. An excerpt from a U.S. federal report on nuclear disaster preparedness shows how to choose a shelter:

shield yourself from radiation
Planning Guidance for Response to a  Nuclear Detonation, Homeland Security Interagency Council, 2009

Whether survivors are outside to search for a shelter or to gather their loved ones, they need radiation shielding to help them withstand penetrating radiation and to succeed in their tasks. StemRad’s radiation shield enables mobility and safety – a critical combination during a nuclear catastrophe.

When the unthinkable occurs, survivors will now have increased ability to reach safe shelter, resupply or transport to safer harbors, as part of their successful survival strategy.  For those who are forced to be exposed to radiation, StemRad’s radiation shielding will most likely be a lifesaver.  Studies conducted by StemRad in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy have confirmed the high effectiveness of the shield.

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