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Tamar Nix, B.Des., M.Sc.

Tamar Nix, B.Des., M.Sc.

Director of Product Management

Tamar joined StemRad in 2012 as production and manufacturing manager for the StemRad 360γ. In November 2016 Tamar was appointed Director of Product Management of StemRad. She currently oversees product design, manufacturing and export and is deeply involved in the R&D of StemRad’s expanding product pipeline.

Tamar is considered one of Israel’s foremost product designers. She is owner of Tamar Nix Design Studio, a studio specializing in soft products (textiles, textile design and design management). Tamar teaches design disciplines at various professional schools. Prior to founding her design studio, Tamar was a senior designer at Delta Galil Industries, where she worked on the development and design of textile products from concept to production, for the European and US markets. Prior to Delta, Tamar was a senior product designer at Source Vagabond Systems, a leading international company in the field of outdoor equipment, where Tamar was involved in the development and design of innovative and cost effective products in the fields of shoes, backpacks, and flexible water carriers.

Tamar has a B.Des. degree in Textile Design from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design where she graduated cum laude. The curriculum encompassed textile-based design and material studies, including marketing. Tamar also has an M.Sc. degree in Industrial Design, from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, where she studied advanced topics in design management. Tamar has experience working with leading companies such as Nike, C&A, Marks & Spencer, Tchibo, and others.Spencer, Tchibo, and others.

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