Jordan Houri, BSc, MSc

Jordan Houri, BSc, MSc

Lead Scientist, Space Exploration

Jordan joined StemRad in May of 2022 as lead scientist for space exploration. He handles radiation analysis and protection aspects for a multitude of projects, including our Made In Space and Lockheed Martin collaborations for AstroRad. Jordan has five years of experience in medical radiation physics research, of which three years were spent highly involved in space radiation transport modeling and astronaut risk analysis. He is fluent in the Geant4 C++ API, which he uses to develop advanced, highly realistic Monte Carlo space radiation simulations, and various other programming languages including Python and Fortran.

Jordan received his MS degree in medical physics from Duke University, where he developed EVEREST, a general-purpose simulator for evaluating astronaut radiation exposure using Geant4. EVEREST has been used to confirm radiation measurements taken by Apollo 15 astronauts during their 1971 translunar spaceflight, evaluate radiation shielding provided by various habitats for a community of Mars colonists, and, most recently, make the first predictions of astronaut radiation exposure on a future mission to Venus’ atmosphere. He received his BA degree in physics from the University of Oxford in the UK.

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