Eric Lynn

Eric Lynn

Senior Consultant, Defense

Eric Lynn served as a Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense and as Special Advisor on the Middle East in the Policy Office of the Secretary of Defense.  He advised three U.S. Secretaries of Defense (Robert Gates, Leon Panetta and Chuck Hagel) at the Pentagon, as well as the Undersecretaries for Policy, focusing on National Security and a range of Middle East issues.

In multiple roles, Eric worked personally for the Secretary of Defense and served as Senior Policy Advisor to General John Allen.  While working in the Pentagon, Eric traveled overseas over 50 times with Secretaries of Defense and others for engagements with the heads of state and military leadership.  Notably, Eric served as the Secretary’s lead on the Iron Dome counter rocket system since its inception in 2009. He was the Secretary of Defense’s representative to the State Department’s Israeli-Palestinian negotiations team.

A St. Petersburg, Florida native, Eric has worked extensively in National Security policy and U.S. politics.  Eric served as Middle East Policy Advisor to President Barack Obama in 2007-2008. He advised President Obama on national security, Middle East policy and coordinated outreach to the Jewish community nationwide.

Previously, Eric practiced law as an attorney in Florida and Washington DC, working on public policy, litigation, and regulatory work. He served on senior policy staff in Congress, as a top advisor on foreign policy and defense.  Eric led international Congressional delegations and advised Members of Congress on a range of legislative issues within the Energy and Commerce Committee.

Since leaving the Department of Defense, Eric runs a strategic consulting business, serving clients with such diverse needs as national security strategy, international dynamics, and business strategy.  This includes work with current and former Military Leadership and high ranking international officials.

Eric studied International Relations, History and Business at Northwestern University, studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and holds a law degree from Georgetown University.  He and his wife, Tracy, have three young children.

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