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The 33rd Anniversary of Chernobyl: What Has Changed?

Fully acknowledged by the Soviets only when radiation alarms went off in Sweden, Chernobyl was the worst nuclear disaster in history. Thirty-three years later, the dramatic, unexpected catastrophe – which started from the routine testing of a nuclear reactor – is being rendered in an HBO mini-series (beginning May 6th). Figuring prominently in the series [...]

Nuclear Plants FLEX Muscles to Handle the Unpredictable

A major U.S. nuclear utility has recently purchased StemRad’s 360 Gamma radiation protection vests, deploying them in critical areas at two of their nuclear plants, as well as in the plants’ FLEX dome (emergency storage areas). Protected structures like FLEX domes were made mandatory after the Fukushima catastrophe, which epitomized the need to prepare for [...]

What Kim Jong Un Doesn’t Know
With StemRad’s radiation vests, Western militaries will be more prepared than ever to face a nuclear attack.

Western militaries are in the process of equipping themselves with StemRad’s radiation vests for special operation forces that would respond to a nuclear incident. This comes on the heels of NASA’s procurement of StemRad’s radiation vests for astronauts venturing into deep space. The knowledge might come in handy in the upcoming North Korea-United States Hanoi [...]

What Makes for an Effective CBRN Radiation Shield?

Professionals who deal with the aftermath of a nuclear or radiological event need personal protection. Any CBRN radiation protection solution can – or should be able to – shield workers from the devastating effects of gamma radiation. But like with so many other things, how you approach protection is key. Many of the solutions touted [...]

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