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Power Struggles: Fossil Fuels vs. Nuclear Energy

Both fossil fuel and nuclear energy help us meet our energy needs, yet both often give rise to criticism. Looking at the facts presents a complex picture that precludes staunch favoritism. Fossil fuels – petroleum, coal and natural gas – originate from large reserves of ancient organisms buried in the ground for millions of years. [...]

Could There Be Other Chernobyls We Don’t Know About?

Chernobyl the miniseries was a far cry from what the Soviets had in mind when they initially tried to cover up the huge catastrophe. The only thing that threw a wrench into their plans was the fact that radiation spread into Europe, enabling detection. Other nuclear catastrophes, farther into the Soviet Union and away from [...]

Is the Cold War Coming Back to Haunt Us?
Radiation Leaks from Days Long Gone

The rush to build up a nuclear arsenal following World War II, with the onset of the Cold War, came at an early point in nuclear research when guidelines were not yet formed and the long-term risks of exposure to low levels of radiation were still unclarified. The legacy of this uninformed rush is what [...]

Why is Lead “Gold” When It Comes to Radiation Protection?

Picture a pool table. If it’s empty, striking a cue ball with a pool stick will easily send the ball to the other side of the pool table. Yet, if the table is full of other pool balls, even a very energetic strike will probably result in the cue ball hitting other balls, causing them [...]

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