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Bilayer Lead – The Ultimate Protection for Physicians

Radiation protection garments lined with lead have been in use for many decades now. The significant improvements in machinery used in medical interventions have necessitated a look into other aspects, too; particularly, options available for protection from X-ray radiation. Bilayer lead technology comes with multiple benefits and is currently the sought-after solution for various purposes [...]

Fluoroscopy Protection – How Does It Work?

Fluoroscopy is a form of radiation-based imaging technique that is used primarily in the medical field. In order to minimize exposure to radiation, fluoroscopy protection is highly important. There are a number of ways to protect personnel who use this technology to perform their tasks, thereby reducing exposure risks. We can get a clearer picture [...]

Radiation – how to protect yourself during an event and in the long run

Radiation technology is all around us. From medical imaging equipment to smoke detectors, we live in a world that is dependent on radiation in one form or another. While this is mostly risk-free when used with the right safety equipment, toxic radiation can happen in so many other ways. The most dangerous forms of radiation [...]

Becoming Your Own Donor in a Mass Casualty Radiation Event

Safeguarding the most vulnerable – and critically necessary – parts of the body to sustain life, the stem-cell rich areas, requires a wearable shield to protect against gamma radiation exposure. When a person is exposed to high energy gamma radiation, the first organ to suffer damage is the body’s blood production system – the bone [...]

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