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With 435 active nuclear reactors in the world, and 72 new reactors currently under construction, nuclear energy is an important resource that is here to stay, but there are inherent risks that need to be taken into account. When coupling the risk of a nuclear reactor catastrophe with today’s increase in terrorism, first-responders, including firefighters, police and military CBRNe forces, now face many new and unconventional challenges while performing their life saving roles. Since first-responders are the first line of defense, and the first on the scene when it comes to nuclear catastrophes, they face significant risk from exposure to deadly gamma radiation. StemRad has developed the revolutionary 360 Gamma, the world’s first wearable radiation shield that provides first-responders with life-saving protection against gamma radiation. The 360 Gamma is fully compatible with existing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as SCBAs (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) and firefighter bunker gear, and is optimized to provide first-responders with the mobility required to perform their life-saving tasks in the event of a nuclear catastrophe.

Active nuclear reactors

StemRad’s revolutionary technology, which ties together partial bone marrow shielding with the human body’s remarkable regenerative biological processes, brings about an expanded set of response possibilities to nuclear catastrophes. When exposed to high-levels of gamma radiation, the immediate concern to individuals is that of Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS), also referred to as radiation sickness. In such cases, damage to the body’s bone marrow leads to fatal aplastic anemia, the hallmark of which is a severe lack of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. The pelvic bones contain the body’s largest concentration of bone marrow, so protecting them from the harmful effects of gamma radiation is crucial. The StemRad 360 Gamma is worn around the pelvic area, affording highly effective protection to the body’s “life factory.” In situations of exposure to high doses of gamma radiation this could mean the difference between life and death. Protection from gamma radiation, while at the same time allowing for full mobility, was not possible before StemRad developed the revolutionary 360 Gamma.