simon alexander

Simon Yundov

Special Projects Manager

Simon is the Special Projects Manager for StemRad. A recent high school graduate from one of the top STEM schools in California, he was intrigued by Dr. Milstein’s innovative work on radiation protection technologies. As his grandfather was one of the brave first-responders at the Chernobyl disaster, Simon’s connection with the topic is especially strong, and his work rewarding.

Initially, Simon was influential with the brainstorming of the StemRad Gamma 360 prototypes and worked with Dr. Milstein on his first designs of the first-responder product. In 2013, Simon started working on online marketing and internet data analytics.

In early 2016, Simon was accepted to UC Berkeley with the prestigious Regents academic scholarship, but he decided to stay with StemRad to launch a new product for the protection of bomb squad technicians, the 360 Gamma Lite.

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