Dr. Payal Jain

Dr. Payal Jain, PhD

R&D Manager

Dr. Jain joined StemRad in 2017 as R&D Manager and is focused on advancing StemRad’s product pipeline.

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She received her BSc. (Honors) in Biotechnology in Medicine from University of Westminster, UK and Masters by Research in Functional Genomics from University of York, UK. She defended her PhD thesis from Center for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona in affiliation with Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain. The doctoral research identified dual regulatory role of transcriptional silencing complex in prostate cancer. She then worked for one year as postdoctoral researcher in intestinal stem cell biology at Babraham Institute in Cambridge, UK. She has over eight years of research experience in epigenetics, genome editing and next generation sequencing in different biological processes such as embryonic stem cells, mouse germ cells, oncology and intestinal crypts. The published work includes research article and reviews covering these areas and the remaining work is currently under preparation for publication.